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The Spectacular Waalbot Wall Climbing Robot

In today world, many things are changing in the leaps and boundaries speed, especially in the science and technology fields. There is always some new breakthrough every single day in the technology niche. I’m sure many of you have heard about the wall climbing robots before, and you wish to know even further about it? Well, then you have to stick here and read about it. The Waalbot wall climbing robot can perform numerous tasks, such as inspection, observation, repairing or as a communication relays in many fields. The tiny and flexible size enables it to enter any narrow or dangerous areas, which it is impossible for human beings to do so. This tri-leg Waalbot uses its dry adhesion to stick and walking on the walls and ceilings without any problem. A PIC microcontroller is used in each Waalbot to control and navigate the motion of the robot. In addition to the above feature, the wireless IR is responsible for the teleoperation. This Waalbot design can be miniaturized and controlled easily whatever you like. Although this Waalbot is not a… Continue reading