Real world voice controlled chess game

Playing chess is like a gym for your brain. But how does electronics hobbyists play chess? Well it appears they try to do this in more complicated way. Take a look at CarlsenBot – voice controlled chess game platform. Ben Yeh have built it as final project for his Georgia Tech ECE 4180 class. The project consists of three “smart” parts – an mbed controlled xyz platform that moves chess figures and computer where the actual game is running. Third part is also mbed controller which takes care of speech recognition. Recognition is done using EasyVR module which can be trained to recognize words. So the quality of recognition practically relies on this module. Things gets really messy when mechanics is involved. This is much same as building CNC that has to be aware of heads position and all other that comes with it. But finally prototype works like a charm and there as always is much to polish. Continue reading