LED cube not like others

Probably you’ve seen many LED cube projects – they all look cool. But to make a LED cube you need hell a lot LEDs and patience when soldering them. Any way results always pays off. But you know to make LED cube you can go different way – build a single plane of LEDs and then shake it at some frequency along with lighting sync. This is a very original idea of using simple shaker to 3D make cube effect of 2D LED matrix. The circuit with AVR controlled LEDS is fixed on Slotted steel which one end is also fixed to the table. Down below is a motor that rotates a weight on its shaft this way creating vibrations of 10Hz. Photo sensor detects the vibrating top point and this way synchronizes the show. In the dark effect looks really cool. To make things simpler Matt (author) wrote simple Visual Basic application to generate binary arrays of images that are stored in MCU memory. This project actually proves that there always is more than one solution to a single… Continue reading