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The World’s First Talking and Fastest BASIC Stamp Supercomputer is Arrived!

Computer has becoming one of the most important gadgets in this 21st century and people cannot live without the existence of computer at all! If you’re bored about the ordinary computer, then it’s time to have something more thrilling in your daily life. Guys, let’s meet the world’s first talking and fastest BASIC Stamp Supercomputer! Basically, this BASIC Stamp Computer is a simply project and it’s using 12 Parallax BASIC Stamp microcontrollers. The components are fully connected together for hardware/software clustered parallel processing. The BASIC Stamp computer is can be communicated by English and Chinese voice (EMIC TTS board), lights (21 LEDs), vision sound (12 speakers), motion (PIR), ports (176), infrared, Vibra Tab Mass detector, accelerometer, temperature chip, ultrasonics (PING), LCD, and a tiny uOLED color monitor (Isn’t this longer than you thought here? lol) This supercomputer has 22 switches, where 11 switches are toggle and another 11 switches are pushbutton. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, as this only weighted a few pounds and it’s very portable. This supercomputer can be disassembled easily for international travel too! The individual… Continue reading