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Great looking VFD modular clock

VFD or other tube based indicators and clocks always look great. Akafugu has polished his IV-18 8 digit based VFD clock which also comes as kit that can be assembled without a drop of solder. Clock is based on LPC1347 ARM Cortex -M3 microcontroller. It comes in two options, with or without GPS. The clock has all basic features you would expect including battery backup, alarm, optional GPS which is used to set time automatically, seconds can be counted with four different letter words. Project is based on open source firmware which can be hacked with your specific needs since there is plenty of memory and processing power left. Source is developed with mbed online ide and compiler. Continue reading

Vacuum Fluorescent Display Alarm Clock

This is a special type of Alarm clock which is built around a vacuum fluorescent display. Along with the alarm clock, it also shows unread mail as well as the weather of the city. Overall it’s an exciting Internet of Things Based application. The author has written a driver for the display in C# that will make things easier if you are trying to yourself. The processor is from the Renesas R8C lineup which I looks new to me. The existing code for the application have been uploaded to Github so that more features can be added in the near future. The concept looks easier to understand from the pseudo code provided. The code might be a little messy but it works flawlessly. In the initial run, it takes time to capture data from the mail client and open weather but that only a one time process. All the codes along with the LCD driver and necessary hardware can be obtained from the project website. Continue reading

IV-18 clock design based on Ti launchpad

Clocks in a tubes always guarantee positive reaction. They are bright, unique and proves that you’re better than flashing LEDs. Cubeberg have designed IV-18 vfd display based clock. It is powered by Ti launchpad. IV-18 is a vintage Russina tube. It needs a voltage booster to work correctly. It was build using voltage booster using MC34063. Display also needs a driver. Max6921 works well here. It seems that clock function is running in software. Additionally there is a piezo buzzer to sound alarm and optional DS18B20 based temperature sensor for display surrounding temperature. Author plans to put it in laser cut case after its finished. Continue reading