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Develop Your Own 40 MHz Frequency Meter Today!

Are you always fascinate with the fancy frequency meter and wish you could build it by your own? Well, instead of wasting your time and dreaming about it, why don’t you take action and build a 40 MHz Frequency meter today? Basically, the project doesn’t require too much of completed tools, as it only a small and cheap frequency meter. Although it’s a simple frequency meter, but it can be used to measure frequencies up to 40 MHz with the high accuracy up to 99%! So, are you impressed with it? Thus, by this degree of precision, it will be more than enough to debug most of your analog and digital circuits. Furthermore, it will also give you the ability to analyze many aspects that you were unable to see or test before too! In able for you to save the cost, you should consider building the 40 MHz frequency meter on a Veroboard. It will only use three components and eight resistors in this project. In addition, it is well designed, so it can be easily plugged into any… Continue reading