Phduino – The pH meter using Arduino board for Glass Electrode!

How many of them ever use the pH meter to measure the pH of foods/drinks in your daily living life? Honestly, even though pH meter isn’t a brand new gadget in nowadays, but it’s still an unfamiliar device for most of the households. For those who have no idea, what is a pH meter for, it’s an electronic instrument, which is used to measure the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of liquid or half-liquid form. Normally, a typical pH meter is designed with a special measuring probe (A glass electrode) and connects to an electronic meter to measure the pH. After it, the pH reading is displaying on the screen. While most of the pH meter is only a standalone device, it’s a challenging yet fascinating project, especially when we are going to build a phduino here. Well, the phduino is a unique device, as it’s the combination of open-source pH meter using an Arduino board. This means, phduino is actually an electronic circuit, which is connected with a glass electrode pH sensor. It sounds like a very impressive device, isn’t… Continue reading

Meet The NewBorn Star – DLP-232PC!

Guys, there is a good news for all of you here today! Have you ever heard that there is a new USB-powered module is already available in the market? Well, this little buddy measuring only 1.375×0.6 inches and it can be easily fitted into any of the breadboards! Let’s meet the DLP-232PC, our newborn USB-powered module that uses single byte serial commands to control a PIC18F2410 microcontroller. This DLP-232PC has 14 I/O channels, where 8 of them can be used for 0-5V analog inputs. Furthermore, the preprogrammed firmware has made this DLP-232PC easier to access to the I/O lines and external digital temperature sensors. You can connect up to 14 DS18B20 digital temperature sensors to this DLP-232PC without any further modification! The data-in-line format DLP-232PC Data Acquisition Module is using the low-cost, easy to setup, ready-made board for measuring voltages, controlling and monitoring processes. Each of the 14 available channels can be configured for digital I/O or temperature modes via single-byte commands! The mode of each I/O is to be known as automatically changed with each command sent and the… Continue reading

A Cheap and Cute EnvStick USB Temperature Sensor

Living in this era, where the pen drives has been a very common stuff in our daily life; you will have at least one or more pen drives for you own purpose, isn’t it? Since the creation of pen drives, the diskette has been rapidly substituted by it. The reason why there are more and more people starting to use the pen drives because it’s easier to be carried due to its small size, unlike the old-fashioned diskette that will take up a lot of spaces! Furthermore, pen drives can also be act as the decoration to bring out your own personality as well. For your information, the EnvStick is a cheap and homemade temperature sensor, where it can be easily plugs into a USB port without further modification. Beside that, it provides a simple way to collect a room’s ambient temperature. This EnvStick is Windows and Linux software compatible. The EnvStick will show up as a serial port – a COM port on Windows boxes. As a result, you will need to wait a specified number of seconds to… Continue reading