The Easy-to-develop USB LED Fader

If you’re always fascinated with the LED fader, then this is your chance to build an USB LED fader! Ok, for those that didn’t know what the USB LED fader for, it actually a device to control a number of LEDs via USB. You can apply the USB LED fader for the following purposes: For displaying the online status of your internet connection, To monitoring the recording status of your video recorder, or Give you an early warning if the available disk-space is low! Technically, the LEDs are fully controlled with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). By controlling it with the PWM, it’s not only control the on or off, but it enables the user to adjust the LEDs brightness as well! For your information, one LED can display some kind of sine or triangular wave without even need to interact with the controlling host. And, every LED can be controlled individually, where each one can display its own waveforms separately. If you have plenty of spare times, then you can assign three different waves to every LED. The first two… Continue reading