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The Easy Ways to Drive USB Keyboard from Arduino

If you’re wondering, “How can I drive USB keyboard from Arduino? Does it require a lot of complicated steps?” In this case, you should stop by and read on this article, as we’re going to show you the easiest ways to solve up this problem. Normally, a keyboard is hard to use, if results of typing can’t be seen on the screen. Well, the first step is to add an output device. You might want to use the LCD high-level routines and develop low-level functions that specified to MAX3421E hardware. Since the function syntax is identical to official LCD functions, the user manual is already written and can be easily found in the library reference by title “LiquidCrystal”. You will notice that the only difference is in the constructor, where only 4-bit mode is possible and only one pinout is supported, the Max_LCD constructor is not accepting any parameters. The LCD data lines are driven directly by 3.3V logical levels of MAX3421E, while the VDD is connected to 5V. By using this method, the LCD contrast can be adequately biased.… Continue reading

The Effective Ways to Reuse Your Old Commodore 64 Keyboard!

You have the very old Commodore 64 keyboard and you don’t know what to do about it? Instead of throw it away; it’s time for you to give this old clacky Commodore 64 keyboard a little bit “modification”… Do you know that you can convert the Commodore 64 keyboard to the modern USB keyboard? Well, you don’t have to cast any magic on it. However, it does require some modification. The Commodore 64 keyboard is based on Objective Development’s AVR-USB firmware, where only the USB stack for Atmel AVR microcontrollers and the simple HID keys. To be honest, you can use this modified Commodore 64 keyboard to control any stage show if you want! You can connect the Commodore 64 keyboard to a PC and it’s to be detected as a USB HID device. The Atmel ATMega8 that being used in the AVR-USB firmware is take charge, by scanning the keyboard matrix of an old Commodore 64 keyboard. After that, it starts to convert keypressed to USB HID reports. With some modification, the Commodore 64 keyboard is becoming easily modifiable… Continue reading