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PIC Microcontroller Based Wind Gauge

If you’re living in a place that have a lot of natural wind, no matter it’s breeze or strong winds, you might want to know about the speed of a wind. In this case, there’s nothing better than create your very own PIC Microcontroller based Wind Gauge! The main objective of this wind gauge is to measure the wind’s speed. It has a hemispherical window cup that rotated and the method of measuring wind velocity at that number of rotation is used. After that, the measured number of rotations sent to a personal computer with a USB interface, where the wind velocity will be displayed on the computer’s screen! For your information, the serial interface is being used for the interface of USBN9604 and PIC of the USB driver. Beside… Continue reading

The Plug-in and Use PRO-I/O Breadboard Development System

Breadboard, it either can be solderless breadboard, protoboard or plugboard is a very reusable solderless device. It’s always being used to build a prototype of an electronic circuit. Many electronic systems normally have been prototyped by using breadboard, from small analog and digital circuits to complete central processing units. Speaking of breadboard, the project that you’re about to develop here is the PRO-I/O breadboard development system. For your information, the main purpose of this device is to emulate various input and output devices in nowadays designs. Those important components that include into the device are: Switches, Pushbuttons, A 2×16 character LCD display, LEDs Small serial terminal, A frequency generator, A frequency counter, and Two voltmeters. The PRO-I/O is built based on an Atmel ATmega16 microcontroller and the whole design can… Continue reading

Express Your Love With STMicroelectronics I Love ST!

Who say that most of the home hobbyists are boring and dull? It’s time to prove to the people that even a home hobbyist can be as romantic as other did! If you’re looking for the suitable gift for your loved one, then you’ve came to the right place. Your loved one has some crush with the small and cute thing? Well, don’t worry, as today’s project is “I Love ST microcontroller evaluation board”. This gadget combines touching sentiment with touch capacitance, and is fully-wrapped up in a cute little red heart-shaped PCB ringed with red LEDs. This I Love ST heart-shaped pendant is very unique, where is based on STR750FV2T6Z ARM7TDMI-S 32 bit microcontroller with 256Kb RAM, STR711F R2T6 32 bit microcontroller with 64 kb SRAM and USB interface… Continue reading