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USB Powered Blinking and Singing IR Mario Bros Sensor

Do you have many Super Mario Bros collectibles, such as Mario Bros candy tin? In this case, would you want to use the candy tin and do something interesting? Well, you’re very lucky, as today you have the chance to develop the USB powered blinking and singing IR Mario Bros sensor! Honestly, this is an easy project, which with an attiny13A , an IR motion sensor and a candy Mario Bros mushroom tin, you might turn it into a USB powered IR sensor. In this project, all the electronics are fully-powered by a USB cable. An external IR sensor is being used for detecting motion, which triggers the LED and musical sequence. By the way, the attiny13A need to be programmed first, as it’s for controlling the blink on and off function, before it jumps into the musical sequence. The LEDs blink to the tune of Super Mario Bros and the speaker can be easily shut off, by tuning the switch that attached onto the speaker! You know what; the total cost of materials for this project is less than… Continue reading

It’s Time to Build a Wireless Arduino!

For those of you that have been involved with the Arduino microcontroller, you must be very familiar with the characteristic and all the features. After all, Arduino microcontroller is one of the most famous and costless microcontrollers, which has been gained its popularity amongst the home hobbyists. For your information, this wireless Arduino system is offers an easy and free open-source method for all the programming microcontrollers. This means, this wireless programming Arduino is using a serial cable or USB cable, which it can be simply attached directly to the microcontroller project without further modification. However, what if your project is floating in a weather balloon, glued to the bottom of a swimming pool or baked into a loaf of bread? Then, what will you do to overcome this matter? Therefore, it’s still be great to upload code changes wirelessly, and it will be even better if you could do it from several kilometers away! Technically, this is not a very hard Arduino based project and you can get it done within hours, and can start your adventure by open… Continue reading