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Tiny Guidance Engine – MSP430 16-bit Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller

Tiny Guidance Engine or it also known as “TGE” is a device that provides a flexible platform for guidance and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, small munitions and other applications. Tiny Guidance Engine becoming even more powerful in present days, as it combined with GPS receivers and control attains a level of accuracy. Do you know that TGE is the smallest, lightest and lowest cost solution that available on the market? Honestly, we can adapt the TGE to all airframes and weapon systems, which need precise control for any miniaturized, autonomous products! For your information, the project uses the MSP430F149, MEMS inertial, magnetic sensors and a GPS receiver. This Tiny Guidance Engine can be acted as a general purpose guidance engine, for either military or commercial. MEMS inertial sensors have become increasingly popular in the past few years; it’s been a very familiar component in the primarily automotive and military fields! The MSP430F149 based Tiny Guidance Engine is powerful enough, and had enough integrated peripherals for the engine guidance task. Believe it or not, the Tiny Guidanceā€¦ Continue reading