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Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver with LCD indication

Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver is originally developed by Frits K. Raalte. It is a nice tool to analyze RC5, RC5X or RC6 IR signals. Also it can transmit every possible RC5, RC5X or RC6 protocol based code like a IR remote control does.   Device is capable to receive signal and display its code on LCD as decimal and binary code(meanings of codes see here and here ). Additional three LEDs indicate receiving phase(green), toggling between decimal and binary code on LCD is indicated by yellow LED and red LED indicates bad code or unknown standard. When transmitting IR code, there is one button which allows to adjust code and another is for sending command. This way any code can be sent. I wouldn’t call this toy a universal remote as it would be un convenient to select codes each time when you want to lets say change channel or change volume. It is more for testing purposes, where it is a “must have it”. Project files are available for download (Circuit, PCB and binary for PIC16F268 ). Continue reading

Turn ON or OFF TV with TV-B-Gone

Are you tired of LCD TV’s around you in public place, or restaurant. Tired of advertisements while you want to have peaceful time. Didn’t you think how good it would be to have magic remote control that could turn those annoying screens off. TV-B-Gone kit might be just what you need.   This fantastic remote can turn off almost all popular TV’s including latest plazma. Thanks to 4 IR LEDs used, distance may reach more than 100ft. The device uses Attiny85V microcontroller for storing 50 most common codes. You can download project files or buy a kit, and this way support author for nice ideas. Continue reading