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PSoC Range Finder – The Simple Ultrasonic Distance Meter!

You’re searching for a reliable and compatible Ultrasonic Distance Meter, but those that available on the market didn’t seem to fix your needs? Well, you’re better saving up your time, by develop a simple PSoC Range Finder! The PSoC Range Finer is a quite simple, inexpensive ultrasonic distance meter. Those electronic components that needed to build this gadget are: A PSoc device, Two 40 kHz ultrasonic transducers, Two resistors, and Two capacitors. The best part about the PSoC device is all the digital and analog devices are supplied by Programmable system on chip. Furthermore, it enables some typical applications, such as positioning for robotics, generic distance measurement and contactless liquid level measurement! There are two different modes in this PSoC Range Finder, which as normal mode and calibration mode. During the normal mode, the software is continuously run the transmitted ultrasonic burst and waits for return ultrasonic signal. The range value is written to the LCD and sent to serial interface. While in the calibration mode, the software is similar to normal mode, except the measured value is compared with… Continue reading