Arduino based ultrasonic anemometer

Anemometer is a fancy name of a device which measures wind speed and direction. We are used to see mechanical spinning devices that rotate and thus indicate speed strength and direction. As we know, mechanical things aren’t always reliable especially in rough conditions. In other hand, ultrasonic anemometer can be more sensitive and precise. Lfaessler have written a series of build posts of ultrasonic wind meter. His design uses four pairs of ultrasonic transducers that are positioned perpendicularly. By knowing ultrasound speed in the air, it is possible to determine wind speed and direction from ultrasound speed change. All four transducers are controlled by Arduino which takes care of correct signal routing and measuring time between sent and received signals. Arduino also calculates wind direction in 2D plane and its speed. Since received ultrasonic signal is weak, he designed amplifier to make them acceptable for Arduino input. There are intense testing and tuning involved in this part, since it is important to sense received signals correctly in order to get precise readings. After initial testing and build, project ended in… Continue reading

Ultrasonic virtual screen prototype

People are always looking for new ways of interaction to computer. So far keyboard and mouse are still the most reliable and common way to do so. Of course touch screen is another wide spread method of user input. All of those require physical touch to device in order to enter info. But there are many areas where we would like to manipulate things from distance. Possible applications could be hazardous areas, wet or other places where it would be better to control things, enter information from distance without touching anything. Magiciant have been experimenting with ultrasonic radar based user input. All you need is to draw with pen in the air in front of ultrasonic sensor and information is captured in to computer screen. Hardware setup is accessible to anyone because it is based on popular Arduino DUE, four HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors and four channel MCP6024 buffer amplifier. Other magic is inside software where Fast Fourier transform does quite a job. Out of four ultrasonic sensors only one sends pulses while all four capture reflection. By combining collected information… Continue reading

Eigenbau – The Intelligent Robot Spider

Do you wish to have a “Giant electronic Spider” crawling and bringing some fun to your home? If you’re answered yes, then let’s meet this incredible “Eigenbau” Robot Spider. You need to have these following materials for making this “Eigenbau” Spider: Javelin Stamp microcontroller with Ubicom Sx48AC One ultrasonic sensor with Deva-tech SRF04 Two sensors with micro-switches A Micro servo to the pan of ultrasonic sensor Three Standard Model servos for the musculoskeletal purpose This Eigenbau is well-programmed with Javelin Stamp microcontroller, which the three main tasks: Review or control of the ultrasonic sensor and the sensor Calculate the action, whether is to be forward, flight or Dodge, which based on the sensor data Control of the three servos for the musculoskeletal, where it’s mainly according to the require action to be performed Continue reading