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Measuring distance with Arduino and ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are great devices to measure small distances without using tape or other tools. They can be used in automation projects, flying models, robots. If you can measure distance to obstacle, you can do lots of fun things. Jan_Henrik shared his small rangefinder setup where he uses Arduino, 20×4 LCD screen and ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04. Interfacing thissensor is simple – one pin is for sending trigger signal and second is for reading echo response. Microcontroller has to calculate distance by measuring time between pulses. Sensor is able to measure up to 500cm distances with up to 0.3cm resolution. You can play with LCD where you can see measured distance, but probably this is more fun to build responsive system where it s behavior depends on measured distance. Continue reading

Robot platform controlled by Arduino

Thinking about building a robot? Why not to use Arduino for this as it has all you need – a great prototyping board, developing platform and lots of shield boards that makes various interfacing really easy. This robot uses a bunch of sensors built on proto shield that allows navigating around. These include IR sensors, ultrasonic range finder mounted on rotation servo. The robot is really fun to build and even more fun to program and see how it acts in certain situations. Continue reading

Autonomous Tank is going to Blast Off Your World!

You’re in love with the battlefield scene and it must be interesting, if you can build an autonomous tank all by yourself, isn’t it? Well, since you’ve asked for it, then you got what you’re dreaming here! This autonomous tank is simply the best, as it not only smaller and faster, but it has an easier maneuverable than other tanks did. It has the capability to remove humans from dangerous areas instantly. The main purpose of this project is to design and build a scaled proof of concept for an autonomous tank. This is how the autonomous tank working: First of all, it uses infrared sensors to locate a target near the vehicle. Then, it approaches the target using a color tracking algorithm and a digital video camera. When the target is within shooting range, the turret is aimed and a projectile is fired automatically. The autonomous tank is built based on the ICOP Technology eBox-2300, where is act as the main brain of the tank. It responsible to read all the sensor data and operates the motors via a… Continue reading