Universal Arduino based distance meter

One way to measure the distance is to use ultrasonic transducer which is cheap and robust. Paoson Woodwork constantly needs to measure distances inside room while installing furniture or doing repair work. So he came up with idea of building an universal distance meter which would measure distances in all four directions at once. He put electronics in to his custom made plywood enclosure where he made openings for sr04 ultrasonic transducers. He put an LCD in front, along with two buttons for unit selection and function. Additionally there is a bubble level tube included to keep things straight when hanging on the wall. All you have to do is to hang the meter on the wall and it displays the distance on LCD for in all four directions. It can display the area of wall with a single button press. There are other programs available along with area and distance. These are Rel – to measure relative distance, Total – to measure total distance between two opposing surfaces. Continue reading

Measuring distance with Arduino and ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are great devices to measure small distances without using tape or other tools. They can be used in automation projects, flying models, robots. If you can measure distance to obstacle, you can do lots of fun things. Jan_Henrik shared his small rangefinder setup where he uses Arduino, 20×4 LCD screen and ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04. Interfacing thissensor is simple – one pin is for sending trigger signal and second is for reading echo response. Microcontroller has to calculate distance by measuring time between pulses. Sensor is able to measure up to 500cm distances with up to 0.3cm resolution. You can play with LCD where you can see measured distance, but probably this is more fun to build responsive system where it s behavior depends on measured distance. Continue reading

PSoC Range Finder – The Simple Ultrasonic Distance Meter!

You’re searching for a reliable and compatible Ultrasonic Distance Meter, but those that available on the market didn’t seem to fix your needs? Well, you’re better saving up your time, by develop a simple PSoC Range Finder! The PSoC Range Finer is a quite simple, inexpensive ultrasonic distance meter. Those electronic components that needed to build this gadget are: A PSoc device, Two 40 kHz ultrasonic transducers, Two resistors, and Two capacitors. The best part about the PSoC device is all the digital and analog devices are supplied by Programmable system on chip. Furthermore, it enables some typical applications, such as positioning for robotics, generic distance measurement and contactless liquid level measurement! There are two different modes in this PSoC Range Finder, which as normal mode and calibration mode. During the normal mode, the software is continuously run the transmitted ultrasonic burst and waits for return ultrasonic signal. The range value is written to the LCD and sent to serial interface. While in the calibration mode, the software is similar to normal mode, except the measured value is compared with… Continue reading