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The Simple yet Useful Econo Monome

What’s your first expression, when you’re seeing the colorful monomer flashing on the signboards? If you think, it’s impossible to DIY your own econo monome, then you’re completely wrong in this point! Before we’re jumping into the econo monome project, there’s something you must know about it! Practically, monomer is a small Catskills-based hardware company, which is making controllers for electronic music performance and new media art. In most of the time, developers have used the monomer as an interface for interfacing other types of software, such as from text displays to games! When you’re making your very own econo monome, the first factor is to reduce the cost as much as possible. In this case, have a detailed scour in your storeroom, maybe you’ll find the unused parts, such as a batch of tack switches or LEDs laying there. Ok, let’s start the project now. Firstly, you’ll need to apply a 74LS42 and ULN2803A into the project. For your information, the 74LS42 acts as the row selectors, while ULN2803A acts as the column current sinks. Plus, don’t forget about… Continue reading

PC controlled dual stepper motor driver

This stepper motor driver can control two independent steppers via RS232 interface. Control commands can be sent by using simple terminal program like HyperTerminal. Circuit is capable to drive two unipolar stepper motors operating in full step mode. Motors can be powered from 24V and consume up to 0.5A of current. ATtiny2313 microcontroller sends control pulses via ULN2803A chip, which can drive up to 500mA. Firmware is developed by using BASCOM AVR software. Or you can just download hex file which is ready to flash to microcontroller. This might be useful device for testing stepper motors. Continue reading