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Cascade-able RGB light effects

This is a simple project which creates RGB light effects driven by microcontroller. It uses a custom built RGB LED strip that can be cascaded in to long lines. LEDs are controlled in groups where different color belongs to different group. Light patterns are controlled by PIC16F72 microcontroller which drives LEDs through ULN2003A driver chip. Driver chip is capable of sinking 500mA of current, so this parameter should be kept in mind when attaching multiple LED stripes in to long lines. Continue reading

The Colorful Mechanically Scanned LED Display

Is anyone here a big fan of the propeller clocks? Isn’t the logo that flashed out from the high spinning propeller clock fascinated and mesmerized your heart? So, what do you say? Do you want to build a mechanically scanned LED Display, which is having the same effect as the propeller clock did? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, the PCB is the main part of this project. It contains: The PIC microcontroller, Four HC573 latches, Five ULN2003A 7-fold darlingtons, A power supply stuff, A MOSFET (It is to drive the first motor) Two push buttons (They are for setting the date and time). Beside that, you need to use an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator for LED brightness control. Also, make sure that the main power supply should be at least 12 volts, as the ball bearings don’t always conduct perfectly. What is so unique about the mechanically scanned LED display is it can act like: An analog clock (It displays in seconds, minutes and hours form). A digital clock (It has the time, weekday, date and year form). A 64×32… Continue reading