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Color shifting LED lamps to change your mood

Mood lamps may be a great design element in various places. Building one is fairly easy especially electronics part. Batkin build one lamp from scratch where he uses 3W RGB LED with star heat-sink. It gives more than enough light to be visible. Lamp is driven by Attiny85 microcontroller which drives LEDs with ULN2003AN Darlington transistor array. He also built a custom enclosure and acrylic tube to diffuse light. Build several of those and you have a party. Continue reading

It’s a LED Pharmacy Cross, Not a Holy Cross!

Nowadays, we’re always saw many pharmacies hanging a huge LED pharmacy cross at their pharmacy entrance to let people know there is a pharmacy inside the store. Why they want to use the LED pharmacy cross at the entrance of the pharmacy? The reason is simple, they look cool and catchy, and it also can be seen from distance and they can be customized according to your own needs! So, if you decided to develop an LED pharmacy cross, then you’ve came to the right place. For your information, those LED pharmacy crosses that selling on the marketplace is quite expensive and have very limited functions as well. As a result, it’s better to build one for your own use and you can easily customize it whenever you want! Basically, this project will need the ULN2003 Darlington arrays and the circuit was designed to receive messages through serial interface, where the sources are coning from a computer and than display them. Furthermore, a serial interface by wire is to be used to transmit data between the terminal and the ATmega64.… Continue reading