How will Ubuntu for Android perform in terms of gaming?

At the World Mobile Congress in 2012, there was a new arrival in the world of mobile operating systems. Ubuntu has long been known in personal computer circles and has recently become a more accessible and popular version of itself. One of the main reasons is that at this conference Ubuntu for Android was revealed. The interesting thing about Ubuntu for Android is that it offers everything that its big brother can offer. It runs alongside Android, meaning that there’s no need to switch operating systems to do different tasks, and it adapts to suit whatever you might happen to connect it to. If you wire it to a PC monitor it will adjust to become the fully featured Home PC version with no need to install or adjust anything. When connected to a TV, the OS will convert to a TV compatible version. For gaming this is huge news since it means that you can carry around your entire computer setup on a smartphone. The games you will be able to play will be limited, obviously. Ubuntu for Android… Continue reading