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TwitweeClock out of Cuckoo clock

If you are a fan of Twitter network, this toy might be interesting to you as it connects to internet and checks status updates on Twitter. But the most fun part is that all electronics is built in Wooden Cuckoo clock. So you get a great functionality and nice interior detail. The electronics of clock is based on Arduino board with WiFi dongle. Twitter status is displayed on touch screen display. When clock is in idle mode it shows an analog on LCD. Once twee status is updated a Cuckoo announces it. Don’t set it to hot channels as cuckoo will start annoy you with frequent updates J Continue reading

The Bizarre Yet Fun Hacklab Toilet

You’re a loyal Twitter fan and you couldn’t get enough with it? Although it might sounds a little bit crazy, but some of the people really don’t want to miss even a single chat/message on the Twitter! If they’re given the choice, they will probably Twittering, even they’re inside toilet. Well, if you don’t mind and would like to post to Twitter in toilet, then this Hacklab Toilet is the idea device that you must equip on your toilet! Here’s how the Hacklab Toilet concept: Every time, when you’re flushing the toilet, it will post a message to Twitter automatically. For making this Hacklab Toilet, you need the following components: An Arduino Duemilanove, An Adafruit Ethernet shield, WIZnet Ethernet module, Mercury switch, Perfboard, Wires, Cables and so on. Ok, first of all, you have to assemble the Arduino Ethernet and the WIZnet module. Just plug in to it, then attaches them to the arduino. As you can see on the below figure, the arduino is wired to the wall complete with power and Ethernet. After it, you must use a… Continue reading

CATaLOG – You Will Never Lose The Trace of Your Cat Again!

Some people love to keep cats as their pet. However, unlike the dogs, cats didn’t like to stay at home and its like to wandering all around the neighborhood. Sometimes, you’re very hard to track its trace, as it can walk up to several kilometers away per day! If you’re one of the cat owners and would like to keep your eyes on its, maybe this CATaLOG project is what you’ve looking for… The CATaLOG has the ability to track your cat as they go in and out of the house. By using this intelligent RFID cat tracker, you can easily find out: The times your cat spends outside of the house. The times your cat mostly gets out from the house. For keeping your cat in your supervision, you might also want to modify the CATaLOG a little bit and upgrading with the Twitter follower system! (Sounds interesting, isn’t it?) Well, in order to cut down the development cost, the CATaLOG is built based on the Arduino Microcontroller and linked to a low cost RS232 RFID reader. In addition,… Continue reading

The Arduino Sonar Buzzer Bring More Fun to Twitter Users!

Twitter has become increasingly popular recently. According to the latest survey, there are more than 4 million of diehard Twitter users from all around the world in 2008! The number is expected to be increased steadily in upcoming years and some even predicted that it might surpass FaceBook in one day (Well, it’s just the matter of time)… For all the Twitter users, this Arduino sonar buzzer project will attract your attention here, as it’s related with php Twitter! To be honest, it’s a combination of Arduino and sonar, where is return your distance away from the computer and displayed on the screen. The farther you are away from the computer, the larger the text and the greener the screen. Otherwise, the text becoming smaller and redder the screen, if you getting closer to the computer! arduino sonar buzzer php twitter from Joshua McGinnis on Vimeo. In this project, you’ll need to interface a Maxbotix LV-EZ2 ultrasonic range finder to an Arduino Diecimilia alongside with a generic buzzer. By using serproxy, you can channel serial data running through the computer… Continue reading