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AVR based generic infrared transceiver

The idea of this universal IR remote transceiver (code name unzap) came from famous TV-B-Gone universal TV-off remote. Remote control can be used to turn off any TV on your way. The board is small but includes an Atmega168, a USB port, a 2MB Atmel data flash (for storing all sorts of codes), a learning mechanism (which can detect the correct carrier frequency), four buttons (selecting transmitter and learning mode, enable USB, …) and four powerful IR LEDs. Continue reading

Turn ON or OFF TV with TV-B-Gone

Are you tired of LCD TV’s around you in public place, or restaurant. Tired of advertisements while you want to have peaceful time. Didn’t you think how good it would be to have magic remote control that could turn those annoying screens off. TV-B-Gone kit might be just what you need.   This fantastic remote can turn off almost all popular TV’s including latest plazma. Thanks to 4 IR LEDs used, distance may reach more than 100ft. The device uses Attiny85V microcontroller for storing 50 most common codes. You can download project files or buy a kit, and this way support author for nice ideas. Continue reading