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Simple PIC based logic probe

When working with digital electronics you may need a simple logic probe to measure logic levels. This is a simple PIC 12F683 microcontroller based logic level tester which is capable of measuring logic levels from TTL (5V) up to PLC’s (24V). When pointed, probe indicates weather test point has high impedance (yellow LED), weather logic “1” (green LED) or “0” (red LED). It is very simple device everyone can build. Because it is battery operated device, after 3 minutes probe goes to sleep mode until button is pressed again and new measurement is made. Build one, and you won’t need a scope every time to test logic levels. Continue reading

The Propeller Laptop Based on PROP-6502

You love to try out different things, especially various types of projects that related with Propeller? If you did, then this PROP-6502 Propeller Laptop is going to spice up your life… If you refer to the above figure, you can see there’s a Propeller laptop based on a 6502 co-processor and 64K of static RAM. Normally, the propeller handles all I/O for the 6502. Beside that, it runs an integrated debugger, so you can program the computer whatever you want it to be! In this project, the Propeller acts as the programmable chipset for this 6502 laptop. Although you’re allowing to use an FPGA in this capacity, but you’ll have some problem, when you’re trying to implement visual debugger software inside an FPGA! However, thanks to the advancement of technology,… Continue reading