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Dimlet – The Smart Light Dimming Device

In present days, many households have been equipped with dimmers, which are devices that used to vary the brightness of a light. By simply decreasing or increasing the RMS voltage, it’s possible to vary the intensity of the light output. Although variable-voltage devices are used for various purposes, the term “dimmer” is normally mean for those intended to control lightning. Usually, dimmers range in size from small units (light switch used for domestic lightning) to high power units (large theatre or architectural lightning installations). Most of the small domestic dimmers are generally directly controlled by a digital control system. Our today’s project, Dimlet is a good example. The Dimlet is a smart light dimming circuit, as it used the TRIACs to control the dimming of lightning. The software on the microcontroller plays an important role. It has the commands containing a light ID and an intensity are received through the UART. Each time, when the AC voltage goes to zero, the light items are sorted by intensity. Hence, all those lights that don’t have an intensity of 100% are turned… Continue reading