PIC16F628 based 8 running lights controller

You have probably already build several LED light effects. These are simple to build as only microcontroller, resistor and LED is needed. But probably you will agree that flashing powerful lamps is more exciting and so dangerous as well. Rajkumar Sharma posted his 8 channel running lights controller that can handle 100W light bulbs on each channel. Controller is based on PIC16F628 microcontroller which drives 8 opto-isolated triacs where each can handle 230V and 100W. Running lights effects can be changed with three tactile switches. If you planning on organizing party this might be a great next project. Continue reading

Wake up with sun anywhere you are

Direct sunlight is perfect for waking up in the morning. But it happens that there is no sun or simply your bedroom is in western side of the house. Then there is the only way – start cheating with sun simulator. It is based on ATTiny13 microcontroller which takes care of dimming the 150W halogen lamp. Alarm clock can be set to reach its maximum intensity from 2 minutes up to 8 hours. Microcontroller takes alarm signals from regular digital radio alarm clock so no need to do additional time tracking. I agree it looks a bit dangerous to have halogen lamp near pillow, but it is worth to risk for a bit of sun. Continue reading

Spark up Your House with the Fantastic Decorative Light Controller!

 If you have plenty of time during the weekend, but you don’t know how to kill the time, then you might want to check out this fantastic decorative light controller! Honestly, most of the decorative light controllers that available on the market are limited with only several functions. Instead of wasting your time and money buying it, isn’t it even better to create a multifunctional decorative light controller by yourself? Before you’re getting busy with this project, there is something important that you must know here. Did you know that dimmer control is the most typical device that normally being used to change the brightness of the light with AC? It is because it has the bidirectional thyristor (TRIAC), which is can be used for controlling current in any project. Basically, the circuit that used to control a thyristor is either a variable resistor or a capacitor. Frankly, the circuit is used for the dimmer to change the light of bulbs. The circuit can continuously changes the quantity of the electric current that flows through the load with the bidirectional… Continue reading