Raspberry Pi based traffic monitor

When you live in a city, then you know that traffic is one of the biggest problems to face with. If you want to get from point A to B you can find yourself struggling when finding optimal route where traffic is minimal. Luckily there are websites that provide such information. But how to get it while you are driving? J3stream decided to build traffic monitor by using Raspberry Pi and LCD. He purchases an LCD for Raspberry Pi on eBay. Since data is displayed on website, he used cheap WiFi USB dongle which connects to hotspot. If there is no WiFi available, data can be routed from cell phone which is configured as connection point. He also constructed a suction based mechanical attachment to windshield and connected car power adapter to power whole thing. Continue reading

Avoid Traffic Jam with This TCM Receiver!

Did you know that the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) could be a very useful tool to you? For your information, the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a special application of the FM Radio Data System or also known as RDS, which is used for broadcasting all the real-time traffic and weather information. The data messages are mostly received silently and it will then decode by a TMC-equipped car radio or navigation system, and the information will be delivered to the driver as soon as possible! One of the most common of the TMC is it enabled any TMC navigation system that can offer dynamic route guidance. As a result, it will send out an alert to the driver, which is always having problems on the planned route and calculating an alternative route to avoid all the unexpected incidents! Some of the benefits of using TMC receiver are: All the traffic information is delivered in real-time and always up-to-date. It can be spotted any accidents, roadwork and traffic jams instantly! You can display the information in your own language. High quality… Continue reading