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Touchpad with Infrared Music Synthesizer

For those of you have always wondered, “Is it possible to generate music with our laptop touchpad?” Guess what; your doubt is solved here, as today we’re trying to build an incredible Touchpad with Infrared Music Synthesizer. Basically, the touchpad with infrared music synthesizer uses a laptop and an infrared distance sensor to control various types of functions, including tone, volume and decay length of musical notes. This device is operating in one of six modes, which is offering a variety of options for generating musical tones. It’s very simple to use the device. With only a swipe of fingertips, you can produce interesting music instantly. Obviously, the main purpose of the Touchpad with Infrared Music Synthesizer is for illustrating a fun approach for music generation. Those six modes that… Continue reading

Touch 8 – The Multipurpose Touch Screen Controller

Nowadays, most people are busy with their daily tasks, especially the housewives who never had enough free time to enjoy their life, due to the overload housework! As a loving husband, is your responsibility to help your wife reduce their burden. In this case, you might find that this Touch 8 is the most suitable and cool touch screen controller. Why it’s so special? Well, this artificial intelligent programmable controller have equipped with various ability, which is can be used as the remote controller to perform these following tasks: Access control, Automation Control Units, Control Panels, Cutting and bending, Dosage and Weighing, Fitness, Home Automation, Industrial Vehicles, Machine tools, Measuring instruments, Solar energy, and Vending machines. Look on the above figure, you’ll find out that Touch 8 is a module… Continue reading