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Handy count down timer with bright display

There are many uses of countdown timer. It can be used for PCB development, in a kitchen or during workout. All you need that timer was easy to set up and start. Umetronics have build simple PIC16F886 based countdown timer with four bright 7-segment displays. LED displays are driven using TLC5916 LED driver and couple dual P-channel MOSFETs. Time can be selected with rotary encoder which comes with button for select. When timer runs out there are two options for notifying – one is display flashing and another micro-switch selectable sound option along with green LED indicator. Sometimes sound might be annoying, so you can always turn it off. Timer is two AAA battery powered. So it is small portable timer for any use. Continue reading

POV propeller clock to spin your world

POV – when I first saw this I thought it is a new name for a robot of some kind but when I searched about it – it turned out to be something more interesting. POV means (according to my google search) Persistence Of Vision, this is a condition when something moves faster than what our eyes can decipher – this makes a dot look like a line. It’s the same principle used in a CRT television using super fast scans to make the picture that we see. There are a lot of POV projects out there but nothing could compete to the workmanship that Kizo put to this spinning light of wonders. It was made using an ATmega324P and 3000 lines of code. The LED array is composed of 40 cyan LEDs driven by a TLC5916 constant current driver. To sense the current position of the propeller Hall Effect sensors are used. And the MOST! And I say the MOST! Outstanding detail about this POV project is that power is wirelessly transferred to the propeller blade by using inductance.… Continue reading