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Very basic computer uses three chips

Generally speaking – computer is a device that can perform arithmetic and logical operations. In other words there mas be a processor, memory and some input/output. So not only personal computers, tablets and other stuffed devices can be called computers. Any microcontroller like AVR is already a computer in a chip. Anyway for some fun, rovku put together a simple computer out of three chips that make it tick. For a processor he’s chosen Rockvel R6502P which is an 8-bit processor running at 1MHz. As I/O controller there is an Atmega16 used which talks to external CY7C130 dual port 1K RAM and also generates composite video signals. Computer doesn’t do any special – it outputs OK to screen and blinks a cursor. But this is more than enough to prove the concept and have a warm feeling of seeing it working. Continue reading

Attiny84 user programmable computer

Attiny84 microcontroller is pretty small microcontroller. But Jack Eisenmann decided to invest some time in making it in to programmable device. For this he built a simple computer with external 64KB EEPROM for storing programs. Since everything has to be very compact he created a speciffic programming language called DTPL (DUO tiny Programming Language). It is nothing more than a command followed by set of arguments. Jack also wrote a tiny operating system which allows writing own programs using four button interface, change settings, playing games and more. Computer uses a 102×64 pixel LCD to output information. This can be turned in to great small computer to teach kids programming. Continue reading