The Multipurpose Door Lock Switch and Logger Circuit

It’s a good thing living under one roof, as we can help and take care each other. Sometimes, it could be a hassle as well, especially if you’re sharing the a bathroom with several housemates (Gosh, it reminds me of the horrible moment, where I rented an apartment with three college classmates). Let’s say, you’re reading or doing paperwork in your bedroom. All of a sudden, you’re having stomachache and you got to go to the bathroom immediately. You rushed out from the bedroom and find out that the bathroom is occupied! Gosh, this is not the first time you’ve this situation, where it keeps repeat and repeat… Hence, isn’t it good, if you can install a light in every room, which is light up whenever the bathroom is occupied? In this case, you don’t have to waste your time anymore! Frankly, it’s quite easy to build the device. First of all, an electrical switch is attached to the bathroom’s door’s lock. Once the door is locked, the switch is closed (Closing a circuit) and ignites the lights in the… Continue reading