Get your beer cold with this fridge controller

So your fully stuffed with beer fridge thermostat broke and you have a nerdy look why not to fully computerize the process by your own. Arduino fits right well for this as you can easily control a compressor, log the temperature and even see what’s going on via web interface by using Arduino Ethernet Shield. So why waste a spare Arduino with Ethernet only for fridge controller? So Author plans on putting a bunch of additional temperature sensors around the house and monitor them conveniently in web interface. Possibilities are almost endless and all started with a broken fridge. Thumbs up guys! Continue reading

Temperature controller with IR connectivity

This temperature may look like several dozens thermostats that measure temperature and performs some action (switches relay) when temperature threshold is reached. Actually this is what this one does – it activates a relay with fan connected when temperature reaches 40ÂșC. There is another thing what makes this device little bit different from others – it accepts TV remote control commands. By pressing 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons each of four relays can be turned ON/OFF manually. Design is based on AT89C51 microcontroller which reads LM35 temperature sensor data via ADC0804 ADC. Compares temperature value to given threshold and in case of alarm it sends relay activation signal via ULN2003 Darlington transistor array chip. Grab project files, build and keep things cool. Continue reading