The BalloonSat Extreme – The Easy Way to DIY Your Own Space Program!

As a human being, we’re only a very tiny part in this universe. Hence, many people, especially the scientists and astronauts are trying their best to explore the unknown space territory and unveil the mystery behind the universe! Well, people always thought it’s hard to reveal the truth of the universe, as we need to have some very high-end equipment to perform this task! Believe it or not, there’s an easy way for the ordinary civilian like us to experience the fun of space. Yep, all you have to do is developing your very own “The BalloonSat Extreme” device. To be honest, the goal behind the BalloonSat is to give opportunity to an individual who want to create an experiment for near space. The greater part about this project is he/she didn’t need to worry about the launching, tracking or recovery processes, but just rather focus on developing a great experiment, which is suitable for the flight into the near space. For your information, the BASIC Stamp 2pe (BS2pe) is the main part of the BalloonSat Extreme. The BASIC Stamp… Continue reading