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Another Interesting PIC16F84 Frequency Counter!

Guys, I knew that the frequency counter is very common to some of you, as it’s one of the most familiar electronic projects, which we’re always developed in our daily life! You might find out that the PIC16F84 is frequently being used as the microcontroller in frequency counter project. To be honest, there’s a reason why PIC16F84 is used in most frequency counter projects! For your information, the PIC16F84 is an improved version of PIC16C84, of course, with better program security and flash memory. In addition, the PIC16F84 has 68 bytes of RAM, while the PIC16C84 only has 36 bytes! In this case, the PIC16F84 is a better choice to be used, especially if you want to create a frequency counter, which is requiring a wide voltage range, low power consumption, internal timer, and PIC I/O controls. Well, today’s frequency counter is somehow different from the ordinary, as it’s a 100Hz-2.5GHz, which is using LCD 16 chara x 2 liens and TCXO 12.8MHz. Normally, the voltage (0-510mV) of the input signal is indicated on the LCD automatically. As a result,… Continue reading