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The All-in-One Network Enabled Access Control Terminal

If you’re being told that you can have a fully control with a little help of microchip PIC32MX MCU, would you like to try it out? This project is called “Network Enabled Access Control Terminal”, where it using 32-bit Microchip PIC32MX MCU as the main processor. In this condition, it responsible with all the various sensor status, output drivers, user interface, system logic and external communication. All the above functions were being done by using the TCP/IP protocol suite! The PIC32MX is used to monitor various sensors and switches, where it’s for determining the status of access doors, activate door locks and a key lock style switch for system override in case of emergencies. Beside that, other useful features, such as an Infrared Motion sensor and a tamper sensor (It is to detect the unit, either it has been physically compromised or not). For your information, an external serial FLASH memory has been included into this project, as it for storage of unit specific configuration information and the non-volatile temporary storage. With this system, you can easily configure and control… Continue reading

The Superior VSCP Room Controller – SweetBox!

What is your first response when someone talking about the SweetBox? Ok, for those of the music lovers, you must be very familiar with a pop music band that formed in 1995, isn’t it? Yep, you’re half right about it, as today we are not talking about music, but a Very Simple Control Protocol (VSCP) Room controller – SweetBox. Well, this SweetBox is a domestic home controller and it is intended to be installed in selected rooms in your home. The SweetBox enabled device and it can interact with other low end and high end VSCP devices or modules easily. As a result, it is possible to remote control the module in a secure way, by only using computer or mobile phone. However, it requires an additional tools or a host computer with VSCP and friends to be installed! With the Ethernet port and the TCP/IP protocol, it can be configured remotely through a web interface or with the VSCP protocol. Furthermore, it allows the configuration by computer or mobile phone in a standard excessively! This means, with the VSCP… Continue reading