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The Most Incredible 50MHz Frequency Counter That You Have Ever See!

If you think you’re very familiar with frequency counter, then you should have a look on this 50MHz frequency counter (Honestly, you’ll be amazed by this magnificent 50MHz frequency counter)! Oh, for those that don’t know what the frequency counter for, it’s an electronic instrument or component that being used for measuring frequency. In normally case, most frequency counters works by using a counter to measure the number of oscillations or pulses per second. After a period, such as 1 second, the value in the counter is going to be transferred to a display. In the same time, the counter is reset to zero. This 50MHz frequency counter is based on a 28-pin device PIC16F876, which it is capable of driving 4 digit LED display in multiplexed mode. Beside of measuring frequency, it can also be used to handle two analog inputs to display SWR/PWR signal strength in a bargraph. This means, by using this 50MHz frequency counter, you don’t have to apply any external LED display driver chip or external data EEPROM anymore, as it already implemented in PIC16F876.… Continue reading