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H8 micro mouse robot

Check this out – small cute robot that is equipped with multiple sensors that allow it to navigate around various obstacles. Despite its small size it is controlled by some sort of RTOS so called HOS, which takes care of ultrasonic sensors, stepper motors and LEDs. It has two main modes: turning mode when obstacle is detected and speed-up mode when micro mouse robot speeds up until finds another obstacle. Project description is written in Japanese language, so you might need some sort of online translator like google. Continue reading

Surveyor robot with DSP on board

This is really huge project that is impossible to review in few sentences. Surveyor or so called SVR-1 robot is designed by Surveyor Corporation. Robot platform is equipped with wireless and video modules. It can operate autonomously or operated remotely via wireless Internet connection and console. From embedded systems perspective interesting part is Blackfin BF537 DSP processor (1000 integer MIPS). Processor is used as main heart to control robot platform, run on-board interpreted C programs, capture images, compress and transmit them via WLAN. All these tasks of course wouldn’t be impossible without uClinux embedded OS. Probably the most exiting part of this project, that all development is based on OpenSource tools. uClinux is compiled with GNU tool-chain. Console is running by using Python software. Also all necessary schematics and firmware… Continue reading