The Smart AVR Light Controller for LiPo-Powered Halogen Bike Lights!

Sometimes, there are many electronic gadgets you don’t need to buy, but you can have it with a little bit of effort! Let’s take an example, everyone is familiar with the bike lights. Well, you might think that the super-bright LEDs are good enough compare to halogen lights, since they are more energy-efficient and require smaller batteries, but the halogen lights are cheaper and easier to build than super-bright LEDs! Try to imagine the super-bright LEDs bike light didn’t work properly, and its lead-acid battery is totally a mess, you’ll definitely have the reason to change it to LiPo-powered halogen bike lights. There is major problem here you need to solve up. For your information, a two-cell LiPo battery can provide about 8.5V when they’re fully charged. However, most of the halogen lights are commonly designed for 6V or 12V, where the light power is controlled by the provided voltage level. Since an 8.5V voltage level can destroy a 6V halogen light, thus you’ll need a power controller to keep the voltage supply constant for the halogen light. For this… Continue reading