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Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player

The first time I saw the page where this project was showcased I was a little lost – not much detail is given just a picture, a video, a comment field and a bunch of links. So what did I found out about it? Just the thought that this guy yus is trying to build something similar to a common gadget sold in every mall in our country but with a twist of electronic brilliance. The Mini-STM32 WAVE Audio Player is jam packed with an STM32F103RB – a 32 bit ARM based microcontroller, a 320×240 pixel 2.8 inch color LCD and a compilation of various codes that would keep you wondering how Yus came up with it. The color LCD is used to display the power spectrum view of the currently played wave. WAV files are stored in a multimedia card in the RIFF-WAVE-LPCM format, like any other player it has a start, pause and stop button options. Plug in your headphones! Anyone wanna listen to the sync function? Continue reading