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STM32 Nucleo boards enable faster prototyping

ST decided to enter the Arduino and mbed ecosystem with their new STM32 Nucleo boards. I think this is good decision if you want to get more activity with your products. Before we had to figure things out with their discovery boards. Now we have more options to develop ARM applications. First of all Nucleo boards have Arduino like shape that allows plugging most of Arduino shields and instantly have long list of expandability. Another feature is so called “mbed-enabled”. This means that you have option to develop programs using this great open source software platform and online tools. Nucleo boards come with all I/Os available next to Arduino headers. Also you have integrates ST-Link debugger programmer. So you can program, debug without additional tools. If you like you can use it as great prototyping board and use your old skills with regular tools like GCC. Nucleo boards come in several flavors that feature different microcontrollers like F30R8, F103RB, F401RE and L152RE. More boards are to come. Prices start from $10.32 per unit. Continue reading

Base boards for STM32 discovery

STM32 base board

There are already several STM32 discovery boards that are great tools for learning and prototyping. They have programming/debugging part already included also all pins to access and couple additional things like buttons and LEDs. If you need more you need to use breadboard and wire jumpers or simply make daughter boards with your desired peripherals. But if you really keen dive in to learning ARM Cortex microcontrollers and still want to use discovery line then take a look at Scot’s approach. He decided to design baseboards for STM32 discovery boards. He already built three boards for VL, F3 and F4 STM32 discovery boards. They are easy to use as discovery boards simply mounts in to headers and are ready to go. Base boards are stuffed with many handy peripherals and interfaces. Among them you can find SD card slot, USART modules, CAN, I2C headers, ASPICE (analog, SPI, I2C) interface. Also you will find standard JTAG header where you can attach external adapter like J-link. Port headers are also aligned in convenient form. Continue reading