Der Kapellmeister – Direct Musical Performance through Only Visible Gestures

Have you ever thought that is it possible to direct musical performance by only moving your hands in the air without even get in touch with the musical instrument? Well, it might be sounded crazy, but believe it or not, you can really do it with Der Kapellmeister! For your information, the project is implemented with a glove. Then, it resembles with a conducting baton that has the ability to analyze visible gestures and interprets them into musical elements. Der Kapellmeister is a very simple device that can be used to test a user’s ability in basic conducting, by using a real conducting baton. Let’s take an example. When a user performs a gesture, the device is automatically display the tempo, time signature and beat number on the LCD screen. It will then output a tick sound through the speaker. The system can analyze up to four different time signatures at one time! Honestly, Der Kapellmeister is a very suitable device, especially for the beginners of conducting. Der Kapellmeister is a compact mobile set that consist of a baton and… Continue reading

DIY ATtiny24/44/84 Adapter for STK500 development board

Do you like using Attiny microcontrollers in your projects? In any case debugging is necessary. Atmel has a nice series of development boards available for multi-purpose debugging and interfacing. If you currently have a STK500 development board, you will face a problem because it doesn’t support any of Attiny24/44/84 chips. You have two ways: either buy STK505 adapter which is quite expensive, or develop your own. This home made adapter supports SIP and HV programming modes and other modes that comes with STK505 adapter. If you will decide to build it here are Eagle cad files to download. Continue reading