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The Simple Wifi Radio Project

Did you know that the very first internet radio program was started in 1993? In that moment, radio programs were manually downloaded first, and then to be played later on the user’s home computer. After a few years later, the streaming radio is giving birth to internet radio stations. It immediately became the new favorite of radio listeners, as it could be received by anyone with access to the internet! Today, streaming radios have become a trend, which up to 30 percent of radio listeners are using the streaming radios channel than the traditional AM/FM radios! If you’re a huge radio fan, and you cannot live without it, maybe the Wifi Radio project is what you need here. Below here are the basic requirements for building up the Wifi radio: It has to be equipped with wireless connectivity through existing Wifi network, Audio output (It’s better to have 44kHZ, 16 bit stereo), An integrated amplifier and speaker, MP3 streaming audio decode, Several built-in station presets, A simple LCD display (It’s for indicating the station and currently playing song), Standard radio… Continue reading