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AS7010 STMeter – The Handheld Installation Tool

You’re in search of a handheld installation tool, but you couldn’t find what you’re looking for until now? Oh well, you should stop for a while and have a closer look on this AS7010 STMeter, as it might be the thing that you’ve searching for a long time! The AS7010 STMeter is based on PIC16F877, as it provided sufficient I/O pins to drive an LCD and interface to the keypad. Beside that, the PIC16F877 contains a UART and ADC as well. Hence, the power can be supplied by the maintenance port of the Subscriber Terminal via a step down regulator. For your information, the AS7010 STMeter is connected to the ST Antenna Unit to give the following information: The Visual antenna panning aid in the form of a bar graph (It indicates received signal level automatically) The Numeric Receive and Transmit levels The Numeric Carrier to Interference levels RF channel number and PN code When you’re attaching the STMeter to the ST maintenance port, the UART will be used to pass information to the main ST processor using a SLIP… Continue reading