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Have a Brand New Experience with Weather Canvas!

Mother Nature is always full with many unexpected surprises. That is why some people enjoy the outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, kayaking and so on, rather than staying at home in weekend! The only matter is weather is constantly change and unpredictable. Maybe it full with sunshine in the morning, but it rains heavily in the afternoon! It will cause some difficulty, especially for those who planning to have some outdoor activities. In this case, you might need an assistant to help you overcome the matter. Well, Weather Canvas is coming for the rescue! A little bit different from other DIY weather station, Weather Canvas is a outdoor wireless weather monitoring system coupled with an indoor LED display. For your information, the outdoor system consists of a microcontroller, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, self-DIY anemometer, a Hot Wheels radar gun (It’s for measuring precipitation) and a solar panel to measure sunlight, also charge the microcontroller’s power source! This is how the Weather Canvas works: In the very beginning, the system is transmitting the data it has collected to the indoor… Continue reading

Self powered AVR anemometer

Windmetter or so called anemometer measures wind speed up to 17 meters/s. Wind speed is measured and logged over period of 1/12 of a year and is stored for 11 months. Log can be read any time by connecting a computer to station. Anemometer is self powered from solar panel, which provides enough energy to run AVR ATmega88 controller circuit. Solar panel charges battery, which can provide enough energy for 50 days. Program is written in C language and can be compiled with WinAVR tools. Project it self is very well documented with lots of illustrations and detail explanation. It is really great thing for those who are construction their own weather stations. Continue reading