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Seven Digit Display Clock Primer

Firstly, it isn’t a new technology to build your very own seven digit display clock primer, as there are many projects that have been developed throughout the internet. However, it’s still a lot of fun to deal with the seven digit display, as it allows us to learn the basic development techniques, especially for the amateur home hobbyists. Ok, for the project, we’re going to start with a template. You can easily find the seven-digit display, regardless of its sizes. Beside that, you have to cover the edges with aluminium tape, where it is to protect them from the heat from the hot wire. After that, push out holes with a strait wire. Blow torch to give the entry points for the hot wires. In this case, you’re going to have plenty of plunge and cut job. Then, the laserpointer is requiring, as it helps to guide the hot wire. You must follow the point and make straiter cuts. Keep in mind that the laser cannot cut the Styrofoam! If you preferred to cut out the clock primer with laser,… Continue reading