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Have Some Serious Fun with PingPong-CDC!

Does anyone here the ping-pong lovers? Well, do you know that playing this game is no an easy task, as you need to have the speed, skills and sharp mind if you want to beat your opponent off! If you one of the ping pong fans but you just don’t want to sweat a lot here, then would you mind to build a PingPong-CDC? This PingPong-CDC project is a very simple USB frequency hopping spread spectrum RF modem or also known as FHSS. Basically, the modem is based on the PIC18F2550 and the Semtec XE1205 RF module. However, this module doesn’t include any MAC or protocol layer like other modules did! The main purpose of this project is to demonstrate the correct ways to write a FHSS MAC layer and use the USB feature to interface it with a PC through CDC and WinUSB. It might sounds complicated to you but it wasn’t! For your information, it’s easy to change the software to experiment with different protocols, since the protocol is not a hard-wired type. In addition, a utility for… Continue reading