An Exhilarating Self-Balancing Robot

Amongst the electronic projects, there is nothing to be more exciting than develop a robot, isn’t it? Well, if you have passion on the homebrew robot, then you might be interested on today’s project! Guys, let’s meet this outstanding Self-Balancing Robot! Ok, it seems a little dull to you here, but don’t judge its ability based on the appearance first. For your information, this project will cost you about $350 to build and this cost is covering most of the main and sub components here (Well, if you think that it is too expensive to you, then you should leave it alone, as it’s already the minimal total price!) Arduino Diecimila will be the main board that going to be used in this project, as it has two regulated output and many other features. Beside that, you will need to use the IMU Combo Board from Sparkfun as the IMU sensor, as it’s to be known the best in fine balancing and stability controlling! For the engine part, make sure to put two EMG30 12V 170rpm motors with encoders and… Continue reading