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Beware of These Scary Servo Eyeballs!

If you’re so damn bored with your life and would like something more thrilling or spooky, maybe this scary shifty servo eyeballs might be the perfect choice. Before you build up the project, there are several components that you need to prepared and there are: Two toy eyeballs (Honestly, the ping pong balls that painted like eyeballs are well suited as well) Two small servos (HXT500 version) A standard servo An Arduino with tiny breadboard rubber-banded on top Two BlinkMs (One for each eyeball for running a custom light script) Hot glue, Popsicle sticks Some wires, and Arduino sketch. Ok, let’s get started. First of all, you must glue down the smaller servos for the eyes to a base, glue a servo horn underneath the base and then plug it into the larger servo. After it, apply the two servo horns for the smaller servos, glue each eyeball to a servo horn and snap the eyeball (with horn) onto the smaller servo. You can drill or even poke a hole in the back for the LED and hot glue the… Continue reading