Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

RS-485 based temperature sensor module

This temperature sensor is a part of home automation system. It works as independent module that can talk to control panel via RS-485 serial protocol. The module consists of PIC 16F648A microcontroller, MAX485 RS-485 interface chip and TC77 integrated sensor. Because there is an MCU used – modules are flexible. They can have programmable network address and work in network biasing mode. Continue reading

Ping Pong Display Based on AVR Board

You might probably hear about the Ping Pong Display before, but have you ever tried to build a Ping Pong Display? If you haven’t, then you should take on this opportunity… First of all, you should notice that this Ping Pong Display is not a small stuff, as it has a resolution of 20×12 pixels and with the size of 5m x 2.5m! The LEDs are actually a 40 AVR ATmega48 via hardware-controlled PWM that based on two AVR boards. The boards with the AVRs have been glued in plastic boxes attached. After that, the LED strands are sent to the boards plugged into the boxes. A PC will take over the control of the display. It generates the data and sends it via a commercially available Ethernet cable to the display via RS485. Then, the data will be processed by an AVR to the next via a serial port. The LEDs of the new AVRs is setting, once all the controllers have the new record! By the way, the main reason why the ATmega48 is used, because it controls… Continue reading

Atmega128 development board with MMC/CD slot

It is always good to have handy microcontroller development board where you could test, debug embedded programs. Generally speaking development boards have to be universal and also convenient for interfacing. So usually when people make these tings usually build in some periphery to be ready to use like RS232 interface, MMC/SD slots. So here is one development board with ATmega128 microcontroller which is small but has lots of functionality ready to go like RS232, RS485, ISP, JTAG, MMC/SD connectors. Also it has 62kB of external RAM – so you can run really serious programs without wary. Don’t forget other interfaces like I/O, I2C, SPI, and RTC that are positioned in two additional pin-headers. Continue reading