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The Plug-in and Use PRO-I/O Breadboard Development System

Breadboard, it either can be solderless breadboard, protoboard or plugboard is a very reusable solderless device. It’s always being used to build a prototype of an electronic circuit. Many electronic systems normally have been prototyped by using breadboard, from small analog and digital circuits to complete central processing units. Speaking of breadboard, the project that you’re about to develop here is the PRO-I/O breadboard development system. For your information, the main purpose of this device is to emulate various input and output devices in nowadays designs. Those important components that include into the device are: Switches, Pushbuttons, A 2×16 character LCD display, LEDs Small serial terminal, A frequency generator, A frequency counter, and Two voltmeters. The PRO-I/O is built based on an Atmel ATmega16 microcontroller and the whole design can be easily fitted into a small case. It uses a 40-pin keyed cable to connect to the target breadboard. The cable is equipped with all the input and output signals for the target interface. By the way, you also need to include a USB interface into the project instead of… Continue reading